“Communal well-being is central to human life.”- Cat Stevens


We work alongside the local communities to identify ways in which they are able to move beyond day-to-day survival in the area of well-being.  The lack of sanitation, clean water, and nutrition within Haiti has led to dramatically shortened life spans and greater rates of infection and disease. Things we take for granted, like clean water and nutrition are not a reality for many Haitians. Instead, diseases that many developed countries eliminated years ago thanks to clean water, sanitation, and nutrition are still a part of everyday life.

To remedy this, every family in the villages DecAid in which the DecAid Project is partnering is provided with two bags of cement to complete construction of a latrine outside their home. They also instruction on the  SOLDIS method of water purification, basic hygiene and the Moringa Oleifera plant which grows wild on the island of La Gonave and has wonderful nutritional value. In addition, each family receives a book on basic nutrition and hygiene written by a mission doctor in Haiti that is in Creole along with a Creole Family Bible.

The work of providing basic lessons on these topics is done by Community Health Evangelism (CHE) volunteers who teach the lessons in the homes of the members of the community in which they themselves reside.