Spiritual Formation

“100 percent of us die, and that percentage cannot be increased”- C.S. Lewis


Knowing and understanding the fullness of life comes from faith, The DecAid Project takes a wholistic approach to the physical and spiritual life of people. Both the physical and spiritual lives of people are important and intrinsically linked in their foundation. DecAid believes that life is found in Jesus Christ, the Son of God the Father. We believe that Christ is the Messiah that he died on the cross, to save you, me and everyone who walks this earth from our sins. It is in Christ alone that we can have everlasting life. This is what we share.

We embrace people of all walks of life and accept that we all are different. We love everyone. Yes, we mean each and every person no matter what they may believe. We take the command to be ministers of reconciliation as found in II Corinthians 5 to heart.

We have seen more than 7000 new believers come to Jesus since October of 2012 as a result of the work of the CHE volunteers who share Biblical stories and principles with each of the CHE lessons. As a result of the ever growing trust relationship between the volunteer CHE instructors they are earning the right to share the Gospel with members of their own communities with great effect. DecAId Project is now taking pastors to Haiti to provide ongoing pastor leadership development training for pastors on La Gonave.