We often like to talk about the medical efforts that The DecAid Project takes part in, but we really work in many more. One of those areas is education. We believe that education is an essential part of any society.

We were very fortunate to have three teachers join us on our lastest trip. In the time we were on Pikmi, the teachers were able to visit the five small schools there. Thanks to a generous donation of soccer balls and jerseys, we were able to bring a surprise to the schools. This gave us the opportunity to open the door to the students as well as the faculty. One thing we strive for is to build relationships, so our goal was to observe and help.

We found no books, no materials, no food for lunch and a lack of consistent pay for the teachers. This wasn’t the surprising part. We were expecting most of what we found. Through our observations we found that the math skills of the students were comparable with those in the United States. It was amazing to see the spark of education gleam despite a lack of material. While we were uplifted to see that the student’s math skills were doing well, there is still much need within the educational systems in Pikmi. The children are eager to learn, but lack the resources and funds to receive a complete education.

The community now has access to clean water and nearly every home has a latrine. Now it’s time to tackle Pikmi’s educational needs. We need your help. Pray that God gives us guidance on the best way to fulfill the needs of the people.

Be a part of the conversation. We welcome all who want to be involved. Visit our contact page to start, today. Don’t wait! Our goal for the Haitians is much more that of survival—it’s to help them thrive.


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