5 for $50

What is 5 for $50? Great question, we’ll tell you. For every fifty dollars that is given a family in Haiti will receive; cement, the Moringa Plant, educational books on nutrition and hygiene, medicine, and a Creole Family Bible.


The cement is used to help construct a latrine. Currently a latrine consists of a whole in the ground. This is unacceptable if a villages has a well or would like a well. For a well to be drilled and kept in a village, all homes must have a proper latrine. Something as simple as a proper latrine can curve many diseases.

Moringa Plant

It may not be Superman, but it is a super plant. There is no other plant on Earth right now that can provide the wide variety of benefits that the Moringa Plant offers. From the pods, to the leave, to the roots just about everything can be used in some form or fashion. The pods of the Moringa Plant contain many nutritional elements that are essential to a healthy diet.  Through more and more research we are finding that the Moringa Plant is a sustainable answer for the Haitian people.

Konsey Pou Viv Pi Byen

This is a fantastic book that will go along way in helping the Haitian people understanding the importance of living a healthy life. The book is colorful and includes many pictures to help illustrate for the undereducated people. The book is written in French Creole allows easy understanding for those who have more advanced education in Haiti. The book covers many topics from, Emergency Care and Health Care to proper dental care. Education is knowledge, and this book will help.


A portion of the fifty dollars will go to medicine and health education, from Lowell Adams Community health team. This is very important to have Haitians teaching Haitians. We are here to develop not to aid.

Creole Family Bible

Faith is important, and reaching the lost is what we are called to do. Making sure that people can know and learn about The Word of God is important. The opportunity to be apart of Haitians walk with God, brings unspeakable joy to DecAid and its’ members.


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